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GINA UNDERWOOD - Owner/Director, Choreographer, Instructor

Gina Underwood began dancing in Elkhorn, Nebraska at the age of 5 where she trained in ballet, tap, jazz, clogging and acro/tumbling. There she started dancing with a professional traveling company at the age of 10 until her family relocated to Pocatello, Idaho. Gina continued dancing and training with Marius Zirra and attending national conventions. She began teaching for Emily Yost when she was just 13 years old. Gina started her own studio, The Dance Factory, at 18 years old and has over 25 years of teaching experience with all ages and levels of dancers! She specializes in jazz, hip hop, clogging, tap, acro/tumbling, and contemporary and has choreographed numerous routines that have won at many well-known dance conventions and received top scores and awards at several competitions. Gina has dedicated her life to building and growing The Dance Factory while achieving her life-time goal creating Idaho's most well rounded dancers!

JAIDA UNDERWOOD - Choreographer, Instructor

SLOANE LEWIS- Instructor

LYRIC KUHN- Acro/Tumbling Instructor


JILL EGAN- Instructor


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